For year 2016, the project of "Zelles de Jagat" will focus on the reconstruction of the schools of Jagat and Singla. A meeting is planned at the beginning of the year, with the local correspondents of the association and the elected representatives of the villages, and will help to define the necessary budget and the amount that the association can give.

          This meeting in spring 2016 will allow the realization of concrete actions.


          FEBRUARY-MARCH, 2016 :

          This was the first journey for Alain Varlet in the villages as part of the association. Tej and him wanted to draw up a report of the villages and schools, to exchange with the representatives of the village, the director and teachers of schools in order to define their needs, and evaluate to what extend the association was going to help. This first journey was organized around the villages and schools of Singla, Khorla and Jagat.

Barpak, first village affected by the earthquake of April, 2015

Village of Singla

Committee of the village of Singla

School of Singla

Director of the school of Singla

A class of the school of Singla

School of Khorla

Schoolyard of Khorla